Silent Whispers

Quietly the time floats by…only sometimes if we carefully pay heed can we realize those silent whispers of nature in the receptors of our silent minds. We are born with a perfect eyesight to explore the world around.The gifts of nature keep on showering upon us…one after another till we reach our prime. We completely get absorbed in the world…forgetting our base.Our eyes many times a day admiring our image in the mirror…get completely dipped in the minute details of the multiple gifts from nature we keep receiving everyday…those couple of eyes who never fail to notice the slight physical faults of others and ours. They not only keep instructing our brains to rectify ours but also keep account of those we encounter day to day…busy helping mind in its untiring task of keep comparing,branding and grading. Alas! on such grading a big business of the world survives.

Busy with the ways of the outer world, we never realize there exists apart from our outer self a whole huge inner world. The in dweller in this outer covering that we are always busy flashing and boasting around. That in dweller keeps watching our journey of self obsession…waiting patiently for our ears to turn to its soft silent whisperings. But things happen when they have to happen…at their own pre destined time.

Beautiful is nature at all levels and stages of life and admirable are its driving skills from one background to another. No halts,no bumps…smoothly it changes its gears…without the traveler ever realizing…he is on yet another level. In our small world, we are still LIVING the way we are used to since birth…

Then without intimating before hand as is the nature of the nature…it slowly starts taking its gifts of beauty and sight back from us mortals. Our basic innocence hardly realizes  when the reverse process starts up and reaches its climax. Till one day looking into the mirror the being can’t find any more fault in its beauty-skin looks so perfect to the weak sight. The world looks vague but perfect to the eyes that no longer can find faults to compare and contrast. The same two faculties of nature…beauty and sight…who worked till now in collaboration to acquaint us to the undiscovered world…to make us fit and comfortable there…after serving for decades drive us slowly to a more confident inward journey. More confidence derives power from our inability to notice the outward physical features any more. May be that’s nature’s silent whisper to our mind to ignore the outer world and be more inward in our journey…to focus our attention towards our inner self that lives in the mortal body.

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